Vivo S1 Pro Price – Unmatched Beauty at a Low Price

The new generation smartphone from Sony Ericsson is the Vivo S1 Pro which has been equipped with a powerful chipset and equipped with Android operating system. The smart phone is a perfect companion for the people who are always on the go. This mobile phone offers the amazing features of multitasking and ease of use. Even if you have a busy life and juggling multiple calls and tasks, you can always find time to switch over to your email account or browse the internet to take care of your work. You can also connect to the internet while buying your lunch at the stalls. A great feature of this mobile phone is that you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and switch over to it with just a single tap.

If you want to capture pictures of your favorite places, you can do so with the help of the vivo s1 pro. This handset comes with a powerful rear camera which can capture high resolution images with excellent clarity. The camera is powered by the Exmor P and it also comes with shutter button, auto focus as well as optical zoom.

The other important feature of the vivo s1 pro is the dual lens camera which offers precision picture taking. When you open the app, you can see two cameras namely, the main camera as well as the self-view lens. The main camera has a fixed lens which offers clear image quality, however, the self-view lens comes with auto focus and manual focus.

The phone is powered by the MediaTek MTK series which enables the user to experience ultimate clarity and high resolution in terms of the colour and clarity of the images. With the help of Android operating system that runs on the smartphone, you can browse the internet, check your email, chat on Skype or take photos of your friends and family. When you buy this handset, you can get various features and functions in one go. Apart from that, you will also get a unique diamond vivo s1 pro shaped camera panel that can help you upload your pictures instantly on to your computer or your e-mail. The free download of this handset also enables you to experience first hand the power and efficiency of this unique smartphone. You can upload the photos from your smartphone and share them on various social networking websites.

The handset runs on a single pair of 2G GSM /GPRS SIM cards that are provided by SoftBank. It has a unique selling feature as it has a built in alarm with LED notification and many advanced features including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It has a unique diamond shaped camera lens that comes with an 8GB Ram of which the memory is expandable. You can download different ring tones as well as free games to your smartphone using its magnetic pin slot.

The Nokia vivo S1 pro price is around Rs15000 which makes it a perfect gadget for those who love travelling. It is light, compact and has a stunning look that matches the status symbol it carries. Moreover, the unique diamond lens captures your every moment beautifully. You will love all the features and the ease to download applications that this smartphone comes with. You can get this dreamy white handset from any online store.