Liebherr Mining and VA Erzberg partner to develop 5-kilometre trolley line for mining truck fleet

At Bauma 2019, VA Erzberg and Liebherr concluded a development contract for a trolley assist system for the T 236 100t mining truck. Since then, the iron ore mine has been testing the diesel-electric truck in Austria. The truck was modified to operate with an overhead line connected through a current collector with bars on a 500 m long test track….


Ruby and sapphire are gem styles of the mineral corundum

luster, transparency, longevity and large price-to-quantity ratio. Because several gems are produced from fairly compact, small-Price operations in distant locations of creating internationalgold jewellery locations, it can be tough to receive exact studies relating to their manufacturing and price. Joel Arem/Photo Scientists, Inc. Nevertheless, entire world manufacture of uncut diamonds was truly worth $12.7 billion…